HCK Tower Office Space Offers Tenants Flexible Layouts

Jonas runs a logistics company, the current office being in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, near Embassy Row. He wanted to move out of the place and discussed the idea with his board of directors. It was time to freshen up.

There were several boxes that needed to be ticked for their new base of operations. Firstly, they wanted the office to be in a new building to give off an atmosphere of fresh and exciting new beginnings.

Secondly, they all agreed that being in a corporate tower would reflect well on their business, saying that it added prestige to their burgeoning business.

Thirdly, having nearby short-term living quarters or hotels for visiting vendors and business associates was a must. Last but not least, they all agreed that having lifts was definitely preferable to navigating four flights of stairs in their current location. 

Their search via a knowledgeable real estate agent brought Jonas and his team to HCK Tower, nestled within the affluent and mature neighbourhood of Damansara Perdana. 

The Premier Corporate Offices ticked all the boxes on their checklist. Adding to that, HCK Tower offered ample parking space and easy access via a number of highways such as the LDP and DASH.

Convinced they had found the perfect address for their new HQ, the real estate agent began negotiating for the larger office spaces as Jonas had indicated he preferred if the office could be set up on a single floor.

Sizes for these larger Premium Corporate Offices ranged from 2,698sqft to 3,074sq ft. In the end, Jonas signed a long-term lease for the largest unit available, having been further wowed by the panoramic vista the Premier Corporate Offices offered when he made a site visit with the real estate agent.

Jonas and his team are very much looking forward to working in their new office, especially with the news that the on-site mall, one of the biggest in Malaysia, will open its doors soon.

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