HCK Platform Goes Hi-Tech With Propertywise

HCK Capital Group (HCK) aims to further add value to its property portfolio with the introduction of its Propertywise software platform. Designed to minimise wastage of materials, time and unnecessary costs, the Propertywise platform is expected to enhance the marketing of HCK properties globally.

The Propertywise platform will further enhance HCK’s efforts to entice and capture prospective customers by positioning the investor as a strategic partner by augmenting the value of their investments. Propertywise will also enable HCK to evaluate and assess its properties, and recommend any necessary changes to the property(ies) to enhance its marketability and attractiveness to potential investors. The introduction of Propertywise will allow for better control and monitoring of the various stages of each development such as the progress on construction or renovation. It will also assist investors to manage their property portfolios.