HCK Disposes of F&B Component to Focus on its Core Divisions

HCK Capital Group, with the goal of focusing more on the company’s core undertakings of property development and K-12 education, has recently made the decision to let go of one of its subsidiaries, Jamaica Blue Fine Coffees.

The Group has disposed of its 70%-owned subsidiary of JB Fine Coffee Sdn. Bhd., which was first introduced in Malaysia eight years ago in 2013. The franchise was sold to Inter Mark Resources Sdn. Bhd. (IMRSB). Being an established F&B Group in the country, IMRSB owns prominent food brands and outlets such as A&W and Subway among others.

They are currently working on opening a new Jamaica Blue outlet in Seremban. This outlet will be inside the A&W restaurant, and is now still at its design development phase.

With IMRSB being an established F&B group in the country, HCK Capital Group is assured that Jamaica Blue Fine Coffees will be in good hands.

The decision for this divestment, according to HCK Capital Group, is to reduce cost in maintaining the non-core subsidiary company, as well as to improve the group’s balance sheet.

This disposal will enable HCK to channel the group’s resources into its core businesses of property development and K-12 education, driven by technological platforms to stay relevant for this ever-changing business environment.