HCK: Buy With Confidence

A developer’s reputation is worth its weight in gold. This is especially so in a market beset with problematic and ailing projects. Property buyers are understandably cautious as the market is still finding its feet after the havoc wreaked by the pandemic.

Recently, the Ministry for Local Government Development reported that there were 655 housing projects categorised as delayed, sick and abandoned, with a Gross Development Value (GDV) of RM79.03 billion as of Sept 30 this year.

Hence many developers go to great lengths to cultivate an image of stability and prosperity to challenge the current market narrative. One way of doing so is by having a visible presence with a landmark office address.

A good example of this would be HCK Tower, head office for HCK Capital Group (HCK). The impressive 42-level Grade A building occupies a strategic location in Damansara Perdana and is highly visible to passing traffic.

Being part of the Empire City development which was touted as the ‘MidValley of the Future,’ certainly does not hurt its profile.

Further on, developers keen to boost their profile should also consider joining prominent brand awards. Earlier this year, HCK took part in the Malaysia Developer Awards (MDA) 2023 and confounded expectations by finishing fifth in the overall ranking.

Such victory from a relatively young developer is indeed significant since HCK is going up against larger, more established industry players. In the MDA 2023, HCK also ranked second in stability and first in the sustainability category. It also made the top ten list for categories comprising net profit growth, creative digitalisation and placemaking ingenuity.

These achievements certainly help dispel any doubts property buyers may have of a newcomer such as HCK besides emphasising its lofty ambition to grow into a developer with a much higher profile.

Another boost to HCK’s reputation was when it became a white knight in rescuing the ailing Remix 2 development in Subang Jaya. It stepped in when the development was less than 30% completed with the then developer running into financial problems. 

By successfully completing the development, HCK helped many stranded purchasers take vacant possession of their properties. Rebranded as edumetro, the development is testament to not only HCK’s ability to deliver projects on time, but also underline its strength in doing so at the height of the pandemic. For more information on HCK, kindly go to: https://hckgroup.my/