HCK Adds Another School To Its Education Portfolio

HCK Education (a subsidiary of HCK Capital Group) has recently added a private school to its burgeoning stable. The Peninsula Private School (PPS) will join Peninsula International School Australia (Malaysia Campus) (PISA) and Imperial International School Ipoh (Imperial) as premium education brands that will anchor some of the Group’s education cities property developments.

PPS will share an 11-acre campus with PISA in Setial Alam, with the former offering the national syllabus culminating in SPM while the latter offers an Australian syllabus culminating with a Victorian Certificate of Education.

According to Dato’ Joseph Hii, HCK Group’s Executive Director for Growth and Alliances, the decision to offer the national syllabus in a private setting was fuelled by consumer demand. “We already have schools offering the internationally-recognised IGCSE and VCE qualifications. Feedback from local communities and buyers of Edusentral properties indicate there was a demand for a private school to cater for the Setia Alam locale as well as neighbouring areas,” he explains.

PPS aims to be different from national school-type setting by employing a holistic teaching approach to equip students with the necessary skills for the future. These include technology skills, personality development alongside a special focus on languages. PPS will benefit from sharing a campus with its international counterpart as it, too, will have access to the Digital Hub which features various cutting edge equipment such as 3D printers and drones.

Parents of school-going children were also keen to have the option of national syllabus with a focus on languages, specifically Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia. “Many parents want their children to be proficient in the national language as well as their mother tongue. PPS will place special emphasis on Mandarin to ensure that aspect is not neglected,” says Hii. “The fact that PPS will share a campus with PISA means students will be in close proximity to an English-speaking environment and have access to specialist facilities such as language labs and well-stocked libraries.”

Another attractive feature of PPS is its fees which have been competitively priced to allow greater access to private education. “HCK is sensitive to the post-pandemic economic challenges everyone is facing and understand that private education can be a heavy burden. Hence PPS’s school fees are designed to be within reach of most Setia Alam households,” says Hii. “Students will study in smaller groups allowing for greater attention from the teachers and also have access to state-of-the-art learning facilities.”

Hii also alluded to the fact that many parents wanted to send their children to reputable schools with strong foundations, given the sudden closure of some institutions unable to cope with the post-pandemic landscape. Given HCK’s standing as a public-listed entity and its experience in the private education sphere, it was an opportune time to meet this demand.

Registration for March 2023 intake is now open. To find out more about PPS, please call : 011 3783 2390