Enhancing Property Portfolios Through Education

HCK Capital Group prides itself in doing things differently, as underlined by its motto: ‘Done. Differently. Definitely’. The upcoming launch of the HCK Real Estate Academy perfectly encapsulates the organisation’s unique yet holistic approach to enhancing property portfolios by working with academic partners to provide useful courses.

“Of course, HCK Capital Group, strives to deliver quality brick-and-mortar products. It is the basis of every successful developer,” explains Dato’ Joseph Hii, Group Executive Director for Growth and Alliances. “But we also aim to take a holistic approach and seek ways to improve and enhance the portfolios of relevant stakeholders.”

HCK REA is a division of HCK’s Platform and operated in collaboration with SEGi University. It will be officially launched on 28 June 2023. It seeks to combine academic rigour alongside industry know how, the latter part being the purview of HCK Capital Group.

HCK Real Estate Academy will provide opportunities to participants, such as real estate agents and prospective investors, to strengthen their knowledge in areas relevant to their professions or areas of interests. These include:

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Maximising Property Rental Yield
  • Property Investment
  • Knowing the law

“By providing opportunities to strengthen their knowledge in key areas, it is hoped real estate agents can better advise their clients, with the end objective of boosting sales performances,” says Hii. “Potential investors will gain essential knowledge that will guide them in their decision making allowing for their investments to be profitable and fruitful ventures. HCK Real Estate Academy aims to improve the overall experience for everyone involved through the sharing and dissemination of essential property knowledge.”

Using its shared network of education and property industry resources, HCK Real Estate Academy is able to curate a panel of speakers with a wide range of expertise. Candidates who successfully complete the courses will be awarded professional certificates of competencies and will also be entitled towards micro-credentials in Master’s programmes at SEGi University.

For more information on HCK REA, please contact: 018-969 1964 / rea@hckcapital.com