Edusphere Offers Flexible Lifestyle And Residential Arrangements

Tony is a university lecturer in the busy Kuala Lumpur suburb. He is now in his early 30s, and with his fiancé, Janice, is looking for a change in lifestyle. 

He had been toying with the idea of becoming a private tutor, noting that many of his current students often asked for private sessions to help them come up to speed with their coursework.

After discussing the idea with his fiancé, he made up his mind to set up a personal tutoring service for business students. He then created the required social media platforms, intending the venture to be purely an online affair.

However, within weeks of setting up his social media accounts, he began receiving a number of enquiries. Some of these were from the education hub of Cyberjaya and many enquiries were interested in face-to-face group sessions.

There was serious money to be made here, thought Tony as he began exploring the idea of a physical tutorial space. Tony and Janice who wanted to buy a home visited edupshere, a development which is part of HCK Capital Group’s education cities series.

They were piqued by the residential components on offer, particularly the Northwood Suites which had two bedrooms and more pertinently, dual key entrances.

The dual key entrance would allow Tony to set up a tutorial space whilst ensuring a modicum of privacy for him and his fiancé in their living space. At 790 sq ft, there was ample space for them to set up a starter home as well as accommodate Tony’s new private tutoring venture.

They were also taken by the possible lifestyle options at their doorstep, such as the swimming pool, Jacuzzi and gym. Their real estate agent informed them that there were similar units in the Covington and Foster blocks in the same development, offering similar layouts and dual key entrances.

Eventually, they settled on a Northwood unit which met their budget. Tony is now raring to go with his new business venture and enjoy the luxury of working from home. Want to be like Tony? Then find out more about edusphere at: