Developing Eco Warriors of the Future, Today.

Peninsula International School Australia, (Malaysia Campus), (PISA), has always emphasised a holistic approach to education and every effort is made to shape its students who are not just book smart but life-smart, well-rounded, dynamic individuals.

“At Peninsula, we believe in nurturing students to be contributing Global Citizens individuals with their moral compasses pointing in the right direction,” explains Gareth Allman, Principal at PISA. “We are committed to guiding students in both their studies as well as moulding them into change agent citizens of the future.”

One upcoming initiative is the Eco Warriors event to be held at its Setia Alam campus on 5 Nov. Organised in collaboration with Precious Plastic, this workshop is open to the public and is designed to raise eco-awareness among young children. Various activities have been planned to show how every day and hitherto disposable items made of plastic can be repurposed in useful and imaginative ways.

Allman believes such activities will help attendees understand that they can take a proactive stance in practicing an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. “The seeds of eco-awareness begin with small steps. Once planted, we hope the idea of eco-friendliness will become second nature for these children, making them responsible and ethical members of society,” he states.

He is keen to emphasise that these efforts are value-added components that PISA provides to ensure students do not become cocooned away from society at large. “There is a common perception that international school students are a privileged bunch who are not in tune with their surroundings. Initiatives such as this Eco Warriors programme is designed to dispel that perception by showing how PISA students are actively involved in useful events,” says the Cape Town native, who has over three decades of experience as an educator, with 23 years’ of school leadership experience.

Allman says PISA’s calendar will feature many more similar events next year to showcase its holistic approach to education, which includes strong environmental and outdoor education integration. PISA is in the midst of finalising its unique Seven-Year Residential Trips Programme that will provide its students with extra-ordinary and transformational education experiences. He also says that based on feedback from parents, there is a demand for more outdoor activities after the prolonged lockdowns prevented many children from sporting and extra-curricular activities. The school is planning a number of outdoor events to meet this demand.

PISA offers the Australian syllabus which culminates with the internationally-recognised Victorian Certificate of Education. It will also be having its Open Day on 5 Nov and parents interested in the above event are advised to RSVP by calling 011 3975 0890 as places are limited.