Datuk Clifford Hii wins Rising Star Award

HCK Capital Group’s Managing Director of Corporate Strategies & Alliances, Datuk Clifford Hii was recently named the winner of The Rising Star Award in the prestigious iProperty Development Excellence Awards (iDEA) 2021.

In addition to the usual 26 judged categories, starting this year, iDEA has identified four special awards to recognise outstanding property developers, as well as developments and individuals that have innovated and significantly contributed to the Malaysian property development industry.

As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to bring much uncertainty and challenges to the property market today, leaders in this field are thinking out of the box and coming up with pioneering ways to stand out and achieve the best results.

Being an exceptional property developer, Datuk Clifford Hii has led his organisation by revolutionising processes through digital transformation. All this while, before the start of the pandemic, property developers relied on showrooms and physical property visits for sales.

Now, with the sanctioning of new SOPs calling for limited contact and movement, HCK Capital Group was quick to apply Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) platforms in virtual showrooms to create an ideal customer experience.

This adaptation of virtual showrooms not only enhances the quality of the experience for the customers, but also guarantees their safety as there would be no need to risk exposing themselves to others, unlike the traditional showrooms used in previous years.

The implementation of these technologies has also allowed virtual events and new launches to be done remotely. Refreshments were served to the attendees’ doorstep, further enhancing and adding a little extra oomph to the overall HCK experience.

This resulted in an astounding 75% take-up rate for the newly launched Atelier+ LoSo units in edusphere. The recently launched Princeton Suites in edusentral faired quite well and also saw a positive 50% take-up.

To lessen the burden of property buyers during this period, HCK introduced the Give Me F.I.V.E campaign, where customers can be at ease when investing in a HCK Property with fully furnished units, interest assistance, value guarantee and extra financing, all of which forming the acronym FIVE.

Through this campaign, customers can enjoy fully furnished selected units, interest assistance are given via an interest-free loan, property value is guaranteed over a specified period, and extra financing for buyers who do not meet their ideal bank loan margins will be provided.

In addition, HCK Capital Group was also pleased to launch the HCK 4E.V.A. campaign, with the contraction spelling out Extra financing, Value guarantee, Attractive furnishing.

With the extra financing explained as interest-free payment in instalments up to 60 months, value guarantee being how you secure your property value with, and attractive furnishing as part of this investment, surely this is a deal not to be missed.