Choosing the right colours for your office space

Walk into almost any corporate office and very likely you will be confronted with non-descript white or grey walls and fittings. This is probably the organisation’s attempt at having a neutral effect or some misplaced belief that bright, vibrant colours have no place in a corporate environment.

It has been repeatedly shown in studies that colours affect human psychological moods and behaviours deeply. Research by the Department of Environmental Psychology at Sweden’s Lund University showed that colour has a strong influence over our brain impulses and so can have a big impact on people’s behaviour and well-being.

Hence, strategic use of colours in an office environment can greatly help boost employee productivity, health and happiness. Here are some suggestions of how colour can positively impact an office environment.

Blue – The Colour of Wellbeing and Efficiency

Blue is a popular choice in many offices as it is said to promote employee wellbeing and efficiency. According to research conducted by Lund University, spaces painted blue is especially beneficial for those who work in fast-paced and highly demanding work environments. It surmises that blue is a harmonious colour that can help relieve stress and does not disturb the focus of the brain, resulting in more efficient work being produced.

Yellow – The Colour of Creativity

Bright and sunshine-like, yellow is considered the colour of creativity and is often viewed as an optimistic colour that can inspire increased levels of creativity. It is ideal for innovation labs and other creative spaces as well as other collaborative spaces. Research has indicated that yellow backgrounds increase information retention which is helpful in highlighting key learning and vital information.

Green – The Colour of Calm and Harmony

Green is another recommended colour for office environments as it has been shown to cause less eye fatigue. In offices where employees are straining their eyes on computer screens all day, the colour green can help with longer term focus and attention. Similar to the colour blue, it has calming effects, but research shows that it produces less benefit for productivity but a higher increase in wellbeing and is a great choice of colour for a balance between the two.

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