Charity And Cheers At The Bazaar

Bazaars are oftentimes a wealth of fun with all the delectable delicacies, odds and ends, trinkets, and colours to choose from. 

But the recent charity bazaar at Aurora Place Bukit Jalil was more than that. It is said that children should start their financial education early, although primary schools and kindergartens rarely have that.

Therefore, all the children from the HiiChiiKok Foundation pounced on the golden opportunity when it was known that a financial class would be conducted at this particular charity bazaar.

There, the children were given a 30-minute talk on financial management with illustrations to keep the class interesting. 

Since they were of a tender age, the lessons were kept simple but no less important. Theory and practice came alongside each other that day, for the children were given vouchers right after it ended.

The cheerful cherubs spread out to browse the vast array of merchandise offered at the bazaar. Cake rolls, Chinese paus, and New Year tidbits dominated the place. 

It was also akin to a spa day with the many shampoos, lotions and fragrance-related products on offer. Beyond shopping, the children were treated to various performances from drums, and solo singing performances to the lion dance that heralded the approaching Chinese New Year.

Those who bear witness to this event would assume it to be just another shopping spree. But it was a wealth of joy and knowledge at the charity bazaar, with the children emerging from it all the wiser.

This fun-filled day is but one of the many enriching activities that the children indulge in on a weekly basis. For more information on the Hiichiikok Foundation, please go to: