Building Bridges Through Music

Imperial International School, Ipoh (Imperial) is keen to position itself as a community-centred institution which is proud of its Silver State roots. It has undertaken various initiatives to ensure its students are well-grounded with a strong sense of civic pride.

Part of its on-going CSR initiatives, Imperial recently hosted an event by the Kinta Valley Symphonic Society (KVSS). Founded as a non-profit orgnisation, KVSS aims to bring the joy of live orchestral music to a wider audience as well as allow members of the Ipoh community to experience formal music education. The KVSS is supported by the Education and Outreach division of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO), Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI), and Saint Mary’s University’s Music Department (U.S.A). Through this network, KVSS has arranged many master classes involving conductors and professional musicians, both local and from abroad.

“Imperial decided to get involved in this annual concert by providing the concert hall. It is a great way to showcase the school as well as for us to be part of something that supports the arts and culture scene in Ipoh,” says Renita Simmunjalam, Imperial’s Marketing & Admissions Manager. “Music is a universal language that should be shared and this is Imperial’s contribution to the cause.”

The ‘cause’ was highlighted by Imperial’s own music teacher – Cheryl Lee – who is also KVSS committee member. Keen to promote music and the performing arts, Imperial became the venue for 52 talented local musicians who performed before an appreciative audience of 200.

Renita states that Imperial is working towards hosting more similar events in the future. “This is Imperial’s way of building a strong foundation in Ipoh as well as highlight the values which the school is keen to encourage among its students. In this case, a deep appreciation of music and the performing arts,” she states.

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