Accessibility Is Key To Office Buildings


Accessibility Is Key To Office Buildings 

Access to a business address is vital. It allows clients, visitors and most pertinently, staff to get to the office with minimum fuss. Hence, many adverts for office buildings will have this as a priority with road access and nearby public transport such as train stations being prominently mentioned. Here are several reasons why access plays an important role to the success of a business address:

Talent Acquisition

A business is only as good as its talent. In an increasingly competitive market, businesses need to up their game to attract the best talent. This goes beyond dangling the carrot of attractive remuneration as many employees these days prioritise better work/life balance. This means a commute that does not take up precious hours. Having convenient public transport options close to the office is a major bonus which many job adverts now highlight as a key attraction.

Convenience to vendors and service providers

Vendors and crucial service providers are more likely to respond to a call from a client located in an easy-to-get to office compared to one situated in a congested area with poor road access. Buildings in older segments of a city may feature narrower access lanes which do not accommodate heavier vehicles. 

Looking for a prime example that ticks all the boxes of a successful business address? Then look no further than HCK Tower.

It is the latest business icon in the affluent neighbourhood of Damansara Perdana. It enjoys easy access via major highways such as the LDP and DASH, allowing for maximum exposure and visibility during peak hour commutes. Potential tenants can further choose from multiple office layouts that cater to businesses of differing sizes.

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