Peninsula Offers a Quality Term Sampler

Peninsula International School responds to increased interest in its Australian syllabus with a generous ‘pay for four, free one term’ offer.

Peninsula International School (Peninsula) is offering parents a generous opportunity to sample its unique personalised teaching approach with its ‘Pay for Four, Free One Term’ campaign. Targeted at parents of national school-going children, Peninsula responded to increased enquiries in the last few months.

“Many parents who send their kids to vernacular schools are extremely concerned at the recently heightened requirements for Bahasa Malaysia to progress to secondary school,” says Felix Lee, Executive Director for HCK Capital Group’s Education Division. “Even if a student scores well in other subjects, they run the risk of being placed in a ‘Remove’ class if they do not do well in BM. They view this ‘Remove class’ as a wasted year in their children’s education journey.”

As this was a recent development, many parents were caught unaware and unprepared. Those looking to switch their children to an international school had not budgeted accordingly. Hence, Peninsula’s generous offer to waive fees for one term worth RM13,000 if parents commit to four terms, beginning  18 April (Term 2 of Peninsula). “We understand that private education is a huge undertaking and this offer is to help lessen the burden on parents,” says Lee.

Peninsula is just one of two schools in the country to offer the Australian curriculum, and the only one in the world outside of Melbourne, to offer the entire prestigious K-12 Victorian syllabus which is widely considered to be among the best antipodean education programmes. Though it is an internationally recognised qualification and is accepted by universities in UK, USA and many other countries, many Malaysian parents are still unfamiliar with it and lean towards the exam-oriented ICGSE.

This trend is changing with more parents becoming more knowledgeable about the options available to their children. “In particular, many parents are beginning to break away from the traditional exam-oriented programmes of yore,” explains Lee. “Many children are not suited to a pure exam-based syllabus which does not mean they are academically weak. It is just that they are more suited to a syllabus that assesses student progress through a combination of coursework, projects and, of course, exams. This continuous assessment method is in fact, an educationally superior method and is increasingly the preferred choice as University entrance requirements.”

Peninsula takes a personalised approach in that lessons are tailored to meet students’ individual needs, mirroring their strengths and weaknesses. The fact that coursework and team projects are part of the child’s assessment makes learning more fun and infinitely less stressful. “This factor has certainly piqued the interest of many parents who feel that national type schools place too much emphasis on exams leading to rote learning and students simply regurgitating facts and figures. Peninsula’s holistic approach allows students to absorb and fully appreciate what they are being taught and the classroom environment actively encourages student participation,” states Lee. “Our world class results for the past two years placing our graduates among the top 30% in the world is evidence of its success.”

Peninsula is extremely confident that once parents take up their generous offer of a term’s fee waiver, they will see a marked improvement in their child’s academic progress. “I am certain they will note that their children will be happier going to school. This can only lead to improved dispositions as well as academic results,” says Lee.

The ‘Pay for Four, Free One Term’ offer is valid until 31 May 2022. Parents are encouraged to visit the campus and speak to its academics and counsellors to learn more about the Victorian syllabus and how their child can benefit from it.

To visit Peninsula’s purpose built campus located within the edusentral integrated development in Setia Alam, please contact: 011 39750890 / 03 5033 8000.