5 Things That Make A Good Suburb

Suburbs are home to millions of Malaysians, not least in the Klang Valley. Some have grown organically as demand grew for properties whilst others are well-planned entities.

Those looking to buy a suburban property, whether for their own use or investment, should check out the available amenities. These will have a huge impact on both quality of life as well as return on investment.

According to the Waterford website, these are the key features that make for a great suburban address.

Educational options

A good suburb will have education options covering all age groups, from pre-school to tertiary education. There should also be varying options available for each segment, with both public and private institutions ready to serve the local population.

A mature and cosmopolitan suburb will have religious schools, daycare centres as well as universities and colleges offering diverse programmes.

Transport Infrastructure

A great transport network is vital for a suburb to thrive. Great road access aligned with efficient public transportation will greatly impact the area’s desirability.

In the Klang Valley, having train stations servicing the area will greatly enhance the value of properties. Access to employment is considered to be a big plus when it comes to liveability. If the suburb isn’t located in the thick of an employment hub, it should have fast access to one.

Green Space

Most suburbs will be teeming with people and in close proximity, especially in high-rise scenarios. Public parks thus become an essential component for suburban populations who will need to unwind or sweat it out. Having playing fields for sporting activities is a bonus.

Medical Facilities

This is an essential component that ranks high among many property buyers. Whether it be for infants or elderly people, having specialist medical care in the area is deemed vital. Mature suburbs will usually feature both private and public healthcare to service the local populace.

Shopping, dining and entertainment

It goes without saying that having a variety of lifestyle options at the doorstep is pivotal in determining quality of life. For many property buyers, this is the deciding factor on whether a suburb is worth investing in, and for good reasons.

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