Jamaica Blue Goes All-Out Blue


18 Jul 2018


Jamaica Blue is on an innovation roll with its next creative offering – the Blue Latte

After the launch of its new Seasonal Menu in May, Jamaica Blue Fine Coffee is already rolling out its next innovative cuisine to tickle the senses of foodies. Introducing: the Blue Latte, available at all Jamaica Blue outlets from July 20.

The Blue Latte is indeed a pleasant blue colour, but it is not a coffee at all. However, as the name suggests, there is definitely milk involved as the drink is made from white chocolate decadence powder, full cream milk and blue curacao syrup.

Naturally, the drink is for the sweet-toothed, for there is no such thing as bitter white chocolate. Nevertheless the blue curacao syrup gives the flavour balance and gives the drinker an eye-opening surprise.

Blue Latte virgins have described the drink as having a light orange peel aroma accompanied with the sweetness and richness of white chocolate. The traditionalists felt like they were drinking milky cough syrup.

“We’re constantly looking at ways to excite our consumers through our menu offerings,” said Mr Teo Tien Su, General Manager of Jamaica Blue Fine Coffees Malaysia. “The Blue Latte is targetted to the millenials who tend to be more adventurous. That being said, we do have working adults who like the drink.”

“It is actually a simulation of jaffas but in liquid form. Jaffa is an Australian small round confectionery which has a soft chocolate centre covered by an orange flavoured, red coloured hard layer. The name was derived from the Jaffa orange. So you can say that the Blue Latte has a chocolaty-orange flavour.”

“The new Seasonal Menu that was launched more than a month ago was specially created by the R&D Food Team in Australia to suit the Malaysian palate with locally-inspired recipes. The same with the latest addition – the Blue Latte. ”

The key ingredient – blue curacao syrup – is a vegetarian, non-alcoholic product made from dried peel of the Laraha citrus fruit from the island of Curacao, and edible blue colouring. The colouring does not influence the taste in any way.

To create awareness about its new baby, Jamaica Blue is giving the Blue Latte away for FREE to the first 20 customers with any purchase every Monday from July 23 to August 13. On top of that, they can strike a pose with the latte and post it on their Instagram account to win fantastic prizes. For more information about the contest, log on to:

Jamaica Blue Fine Coffee outlets are located at Mid Valley Megamall, Melawati Mall and The Roberson in Kuala Lumpur; Setia City Mall in Selangor and Seremban Gateway in Seremban.

Jamaica Blue Fine Coffee Malaysia also offers a Franchising Program to those who are interested in opening and operating their own Jamaica Blue café.

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