HCK’s Perak project is making good progress


29 Jan 2013

Artist’s impression of the lifestyle facilities and amenities provided in HCK Capital Group’s project in Perak

HCK Capital Group's development project in Perak has a total gross development value of RM550 million. It is a 24 hectares integrated project with commercial buildings that are designed to serve the community formed by those residing and studying in the enclave.

The site provides ample room to feature the facilities and amenities for the modern lifestyle living with 99 units of shops, 500 units of apartments anchored by a 174,000 square feet education institution with a capacity of 6,000 students. The entire enclave is estimated to serve a resident population of 8,000 people or more.

The photographs below chart the latest progress:

Earth work has begun in earnest to prepare the ground for the construction work.

Ground leveling and preparation is a key part of the project’s construction work.

Heavy digging machines such as these diggers and tractors are crucial to get the work done before lorries 
are moved in to carry and redistribute the earth on the site.

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