SEGi roadshow at the HCK Group


31 Oct 2016


As the saying goes: learning is a life-long process. At the invitation of HCK Group’s HR department, SEGi University recently held a roadshow at the HCK Group office to promote its courses and to reach out to employees who are keen to explore post-grad studies.   

SEGi University’s post-graduate offerings, called Professional and Continuing Education (PACE), allows working adults to attend weekend classes or on weekday evenings, as well as online classes. For instance, an MBA course under PACE can be completed in 18 months and classes are conducted online.   

HCK Group is supportive of its employees who seek to upgrade their qualifications. Among the employee benefits is an education assistance scheme. Employees are entitled to discounts of up to 35% for courses at SEGi University. The benefit is applicable to the employee, his or her spouse and children.   The roadshow on Oct 17 received a positive response, with several dozen employees making enquiries and speaking to SEGi’s education counsellor for a detailed discussion about the courses available and what they entail.   

HCK Group employees who wish to seek a priority counselling session can contact SEGi education counsellor Shirley Chan at 018 374 5881.

HCK Group employees browsing the brochures at the roadshow

Education counsellor Shirley Chan explaining in detail about the MBA course to a HCK Group employee

HCK Group staff members waiting for their turn to speak to the SEGi University education counsellor

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