Friendly rivalry


27 Jun 2016


There’s nothing like a good game of badminton to drum up some friendly competition.

On the evening of June 15, HCK Capital Group organised a friendly with SEGi University at VS Sport Badminton Centre in Sungai Buloh.

More than 30 staff members from both organisations took part in the friendly, which was initiated by HCK Group director Lee Kok Cheng.

The teams played five matches – three men doubles, a women doubles and a mixed doubles. The players certainly gave their all in a bid to gain points and score a victory for their respective teams.

In the mixed doubles match, the HCK players were no match to their SEGi counterparts as they lost 7-21.

HCK clawed back by winning two men doubles matches but lost the third tamely with a score of 11-21.

The most exciting match had to be the women doubles match, judging by the raucous cheers and tense atmosphere. It was a close fight which ended with a nail-biting score of 20-22 to the SEGi team.

SEGi University emerged the winning team after beating the HCK team 3-2. Despite the fierce competition, the HCK players were gracious in their sportsmanship as they cheerfully shook hands and congratulated the SEGi team members.

The players had such a wonderful time bonding with their teammates and getting to know their competitors on and off the court. They hope this is a badminton friendly that will become an annual event.

After the adrenaline-filled night, the HCK team unwind like typical Malaysians – by having a well-deserved supper at a mamak restaurant.

The SEGI University and HCK team gave it their all on court.

It was a hard fought match but the SEGI team prevailed.

HCK Group Executive Director Leong Choong Wah (right) hands over the trophy to the SEGI’s Chow Kim Wai, Director, Internal Audit.

After the competition, what better way for the HCK team to wind down than at the mamak restaurant?

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