Imperial’s Holiday Camp Starts With Big Bang


13 Jan 2020


Around 80 prospective students participated in a week-long holiday camp organised by our newly set-up Imperial International School Ipoh recently. The 5-day holiday camp attracted students in and around Ipoh, which provides them an opportunity for them to experience and explore campus life at Imperial. Among the workshops and activities held were Robin Hood mathematics, Polyglot Scrabble Challenge, science activities and public speaking contests, among others. 

All workshops and activities were conducted by the school’s experienced teachers. Prospective students participated in an interactive learning by doing a short individual presentation in class. The public speaking workshop helped them to develop their confidence and skills in giving speeches. They gained knowledge on how to create content based on audience’s needs and improve nonverbal communication skills. 

Prospective students also participated in a Scrabble competition where they improved their vocabulary and forged good relationships with their peers. Meanwhile, the Taster sessions was an excellent way for students to get a clear idea of the creative ways. Students explored and gathered information about fossils, how they are formed and why they are important. The lesson was extended by creating their own mould and cast fossils.

Meanwhile, Malay story-telling workshop saw a combination of oral storytelling, drama, performance and poetry tailored to the participants. Oral storytelling engaged them in a fun-filled and imaginative learning experience. Parents also had the opportunity to take the tour of the campus, and participated in an information session with the principal and teachers to learn more about the school’s globally-recognised curriculum and purpose-built facilities.

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