Focus Malaysia Catches Up In The Digital Race


29 Nov 2019


Focus Malaysia's print newspaper of this week (Issue 361, Nov 22-29, 2019) will be the last copy of the weekly print (and digital) edition after seven years in operation. This is part of the digitally-driven business weekly’s efforts to catch up in the digital race in order to keep abreast with the latest media trend and providing easier means to read.

The business weekly will transform into an online business news portal focusing on news, features and opinion and a monthly print publication. The work to officially launch the news portal on January 1 next year has already started. There will be “wet-testing” for uploads of articles and features during the whole month of December prior to the launch.

Simultaneously, work will continue for the production of a solid monthly print publication to be simply called Focus Malaysia (Monthly), which will also be available in a digital format. It will hit the stands in the last week of December for the first issue of the New Year. The same business news, incisive business reporting, and in-depth analyses are capable with enhanced features and richer contents, creating a new enhance reader experience.

Focus Malaysia is doing this to meet the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace. These are all too apparent for those in the media industry. For those who want depth, clarity, more analysis and more substantial material, Focus Malaysia will have a print monthly which will also be distributed digitally in an easily accessed format.

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