Hiichiikok Foundation Children Visit National Science Centre


21 Oct 2019


Students are visual learners and hence a field trip is a great way to impart useful knowledge to young learners through a practical and visual example. Over 15 children of Hiichiikok Foundation recently visited the National Science Centre for this purpose, sponsored by Valiantlytix Sdn Bhd. 

Our children get the chance to visit the Aquarium where they had a fascinating walk in an ‘underwater’ experience, with a variety of tropical and fresh water fishes. The children were awestruck with the variety and colourful marine organisms and a variety of fishes and corals that made up a unique ecosystem. 

Besides, they also visited the Kidz World where the older boys go on a science adventure in the “space lab”. The most exciting arena was the fun and interactive gallery that applies the concept of playing and discovering while learning in an interactive, hands-on, comfortable and exciting environment. 

It was truly an enriching and fun-filled educational trip for our children at Hiichiikok Foundation!

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