Recognising our most prized assets


19 Oct 2014


Human capital is often the most vital asset a company has. In HCK Capital Group, we value our staff more than anything else. Unlike inventories, machines and systems, good people are hard to get and retain.

Staff satisfaction is not all about an attractive package. Little gestures laden with personal touches go a long way in making staff feel appreciated and drives them to go that extra mile in adding value to the company.

Recently, editorial member of The Ant Daily Chinese section, Susie Koh, delivered her first child, a baby boy named Cayden.

After Susie returned from maternity leave, her colleagues were on hand to present her a little gift for her boy. And HCK Media CEO Mr H’ng Hung Yong did the honour for the team.

H’ng said that the effort of employees like Susie who work quietly and diligently in their little corner is also appreciated and recognised. And it’s a simple gesture such as this, extended by colleagues towards one of their own on a happy occasion, that warms the heart, he said.

Susie has been with The Ant Daily since the Chinese site, headed by Ms Teo Mui Huan, was inaugurated in December last year. 

H’ng presents a gift to Susie

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