PISA Puts Enterprise Skills At The Forefront Of Learning


16 Sep 2019


Peninsula International School Australia (PISA) recently held an entrepreneurship programme, dubbed $20 Boss for its Year 7 students. $20 Boss is the largest entrepreneurship programme in Australia where 50,000 students across Australia have participated in the programme. 

The entrepreneurship programme was developed by the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) in consultation with students and educators. The program continues to support teachers to show students how enterprise and business can yield a positive impact in their community. 

In this entrepreneurship programme, PISA students receive $20 of start-up capital to create, launch and operate a business venture over the course of a school term. Through $20 Boss, teachers flip the focus by challenging students to solve a real problem and help them better understand their relationship with money.

Seeing the importance of the need to develop financial capability amongst its students, PISA always believes that it is crucial for early intervention in such entrepreneurial programme as it builds financial literacy and teamwork needed for students to thrive in in today’s fast-paced and competitive world.

$20 is an entrepreneurship programme that helps students learn to use money to start business.

Year 7 students selling food and beverages to teachers and fellow schoolmates as part of the $20 Boss programme.

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