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28 Sep 2014


Anderson Market Analytics (AMA) is an independent market analytics firm specialising in market analytics and research. AMA is grounded by its core research ethics – independence in research, data measurement and analysis.

We monitor and track movements in the market that shape and determine the direction of the industries. These include consumer behaviour, marketing strategy, brand loyalty, brand awareness, market entry strategies and advertising strategy.

Our services are cost effective and are based on sound market research data. For example, AMA can help organisations or agencies determine with confidence the effectiveness of their marketing and sales campaigns. This helps companies to understand what strategies work and what doesn’t. Hence, justifying marketing budgets will be a lot more systematic and reasonable for marketing and sales-driven organisations. More importantly, we help you to forecast and predict future consumer patterns and behaviours, which will have a direct impact on your next campaign strategy.

Sound market data and thorough analysis can be translated into actionable corporate strategies for better returns.

All this is possible with AMA’s team of experienced market researchers and analysts, tracking various markets and consumer trends daily. The team comes from various consulting and research backgrounds which includes government, finance, education, information technology, media, and telecommunications sectors.

Arming your organisation with knowledge and innovation is key to success. We work alongside your company to find innovative and practical growth ideas.

AMA is headed by its Prathab V, its executive director. AMA is currently located in Wisma HCK, Section 19, Petaling Jaya, Selangor and has an exclusive research contract with iGAR Worldwide, of which HCK Media is a member of the alliance.

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