Golsta Synergy Berhad is now HCK Capital Group Berhad


15 Sep 2014


As reported on Bursa Malaysia, Golsta Synergy Berhad has changed its name to HCK Capital Group Berhad as of July 4, 2014.

On Feb 21 this year, Tan Sri Clement Hii Chii Kok emerged a major shareholder in Golsta Synergy Berhad with a 36.69% stake. As at August 2014, Hii holds 61.95% in Golsta Synergy Berhad via GS Capital Sdn Bhd.

Even with the name change, HCK Capital Group Berhad (formerly known as Golsta Synergy Berhad) is still largely involved in the manufacturing of industrial machinery. However, Hii aims to add more value to the company in years to come by diversifying.

Currently, HCK Capital Group Berhad has already expanded into the property, food and beverage, and technology and media sectors.

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