Focus Malaysia Welcomes New Executive Director


05 Aug 2019


For more than 17 years, Christopher Ang has been helping people to achieve their dreams and become top income earners as distributors in numerous companies. From humble beginnings, Ang achieved his first million dollar sale in just three years after he took his first step into the network marketing industry. 

Prior to joining Focus Malaysia, his expertise have brought him to more than 10 countries and bring in millions of sales from around the globe. To date, Ang has contributed over RM200 million in sales as a network marketing professional in less than three years. Also, he had conducted more than 500 training sessions and seminars domestically and regionally.

In 2013, he established Mirica Holdings Sdn Bhd, a network marketing company specialising in anti-aging products. MIRICA Holdings Sdn Bhd was established with the vision of bringing the best quality beauty care products to enhance and improve the overall well-being of women and men. 

Despite his thriving career with its hectic whirlwind of activities, spending time with family is something near and dear to his heart. He firmly believes that spending quality time together is the best way to love and care to each other and that families are important.

Christopher Ang (pic) is the newly-appointed Executive Director of Focus Malaysia who aspires to bring the organisation to greater heights.

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