Celebrating Year of the Horse


23 Feb 2013


It is the first time that HCK Capital Group is celebrating Chinese New Year in its own premises. To help in bringing prosperity and luck to everyone at the Group, a lion dance troupe with 2 teams was engaged to perform at a recent Chinese New Year get-together at Wisma HCK.


Along with the tossing of yee-shang, and sumptuous meal, a lucky draw was organised to bring in festivity and fun to the event.


Senior Editor-in-chief, Mr. Chong Cheng Hai was one of the first to receive the “lions” visit.


The “lion” had done its job of opening the pomelo and mandarin oranges.


The “lion” presented the opened pomelo and mandarin oranges to the management of HCK Capital Group.


The presentation of peeled fruits by the “lion” symbolically ushered in prosperity and good fortune to the company.


After a hectic performance and tour of all the offices and rooms of Wisma HCK, it was time for the “lions” to take a breather.


The most important part of the tradition in celebrating Chinese New Year in Malaysia is the tossing of “yee-shang” which represents the accomplishment of good businessdevelopment opportunities in the year ahead.


Some of the staff surely has the God of Prosperity smiling at them by winning great prizes in the lucky draw.

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