PISA Welcomes New Principal


15 Jul 2019


Peninsula International School Malaysia (PISA) recently welcomed Mr. Jason Bek as the newly-appointed Principal. Mr. Bek brings with him a wealth of experience in the education sector, with over 24 years of experience as a school leader in Australia and Asia.

Prior to joining PISA, Mr. Bek had worked in schools that stretch across all demographics from those considered disadvantaged to schools that are highly diverse socially, culturally and religiously. During his tenure, Mr. Bek oversaw numerous educational accreditations and had produced students with strong values, confidence and academic excellence.

Mr. Bek, who hails from Australia, had been fortunate in his professional life to have been introduced to international education through sister school relationship in China (in both Taizhou and Nanjing) and Italy. Besides, he was previously overseeing an international student programme at Cheltenham Secondary College, Australia. 

With such a wide-ranging experience, Mr. Bek aspires to bring a number of perspectives and provide a stimulating educational environment for its students from over 15 nationalities and growing. As a school leader with a clear vision, Mr. Bek’s enthusiasm in raising the bar of PISA is apparent as he supports his vision with steps to achieve it.

PISA’s newly appointed principal, Mr. Jason Bek  

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