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29 Apr 2019

Our international school, Peninsula International School Australia, goes beyond the call of duty to give more than what is required to the parents of its students. One of these value-added services is hosting a series of parenting talks organised in collaboration with SEGi University and Colleges.

SEGi University and Colleges has well-developed Faculties of Education and have established its presence among educators. The talks are open to anyone who is interested in learning about the more intricate aspects of parenting.

Since February this year, 4 talks have been held at Peninsula International School Australia. There are 12 talks in the series – one each month by designated academic experts in the field of early childhood and education. 

The topic for the fourth talk was ‘Wellness in early childhood: health, safety and nutrition’ by Ms Anna Phang on 20 April 2019. The next one in May is on ‘Helping parents manage their stress’ on 11 May, 11am to 12pm.

Peninsula International School Australia and its partner, Peninsula Grammar in Australia, recognise that both parents and teachers play an important role in children’s learning, development and wellbeing, and that children generally do better when there are positive connections between the different spaces they learn in. 

The list of talks can be found here: Those who are interested in attending can call 03-5033 8000.

First free talk ‘Healthy Communication with Your Children’ at the primary school library in Peninsula International School Australia

Fourth speaker of parenting talk, Ms Anna Phang from SEGi University

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