EPIC core values to create global citizens


14 Jan 2019

Our international school in Setia Alam, Peninsula International School Australia (PISA), instills core values – Empathy, Personal excellence, Integrity and Community – in its students using a comprehensive and effective House System. This system not only creates a strong bond among students but also forms part of the foundation for them to become global citizens.

Upon enrolment, students are allocated to one of the four Houses where they have the chance to participate in a variety of non-academic and non-athletic activities. Many of these activities require students of different ages to work closely together, providing older students leadership opportunities and to become good role models to the younger ones. 

As the Senior School Principal Ms Emily Vallance has observed, “The Year 9 and 10 students have been visible and prominent leaders in the school in our founding year. They have risen to the expectations placed on older students and been strong role models for their peers. 

The Houses have created spirit and school culture which has given the students a strong sense of belonging. It has been wonderful to see the senior students supporting their younger peers throughout these activities, taking the lead when needed but also not being afraid to allow others to step in to this role and follow.”

Empathy and a sense of community were successfully observed by the Middle School Principal Ms Lynette Grant: ““It has been heartwarming to witness how the students of PISA have welcomed and guided their new classmates. Community and Empathy are two of our core values and these values have been evident throughout the year in so many ways.”

In the pursuit of excellence, the students do not forget to work together, cheer each other on and celebrate achievements while maintaining a safe nurturing environment thus clearly displaying integrity. Without a doubt, our school’s House System has played such an important role in helping to establish friendships as well as develop some of the skills, behaviours and attitudes essential for a global citizen – communication, collaboration and respectfulness across cultural diversity. 

Kangaroo House members working on a project together

Koala House members goofing about together

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