Jamaica Blue spreads its wings


07 Jan 2019

JB Fine Coffee Sdn Bhd, our subsidiary in the food division, is making a foothold in more states in the country. The most recent additions were in Kuching, Sarawak and Muar, Johor. This adds up to a total of 5 new franchisees in 2018 – an achievement indeed in Malaysia’s incredibly competitive food and beverage industry. 

This fantastic rate of expansion for a new brand is proof of the attractiveness of the brand and its franchise programme. Jamaica Blue has a franchisee-friendly package. Most franchise packages charge their franchisees a royalty based on the gross sale, but ours charge royalty based on net sale, making it more profitable for franchisees to operate and carry the brand. Furthermore, our package only charges a renewal fee of 10% of original franchise fee whereas most franchises charge another original fee for renewal of the licence. 

Apart from that, Jamaica Blue has exclusive distributorship of the Blue Mountain bean from Jamaica. It has an exclusive agreement with the Jamaican Coffee Board Government to use the name and distribute Blue Mountain coffee which is considered the best coffee in the world. As such, JB Fine Coffee is able to offer this high quality coffee at a much more affordable price than other cafes selling the same bean.

During the Kuching launch, 75 media members turned up – mostly youtubers, media influencers, deejays from FM, Hitz FM, Red FM and Era Radio as well as members of the press from Utusan Sarawak, See Hua and Sin Chew Daily. Mr Jonathan Long, Director of Borneo Landmark, and Mr Hermanto, Director of JB malaysia, officiated the event with speeches followed by a food introduction by Mr Hermanto. Attendees were served dinner and a free flow of coffee then treated to a coffee workshop by Mr Teo, CEO of HCK Food. 

The launch at the Muar outlet in Eco Avenue had less fanfare but it was none the less received. On the day of opening, it already had customers from the neighbourhood. Customers were seen filling up the dining area by lunchtime. 

Members of the press and social media influencers at the Kuching outlet

Muar outlet in Johor already had customers fill up the dining area at lunchtime

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