Wake up and smell the fine coffee


17 Dec 2018

Nothing makes a morning better than waking up to the smell of fresh brewed percolating coffee and the unique Jamaica Blue brand of beans with its heavenly aroma lives up to its world-renowned reputation.

All those who spent some time abroad especially in Australia and New Zealand, would have been exposed to the Jamaica Blue Coffee chain which started in Sydney in 1992. 
The focal point of difference from their competitors was of course, the exclusive origin of their beans and blend. Since they opened their doors, Jamaica Blue have been sourcing the best coffee beans in the world - from the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica - their celebrated Wallenford Estate single-origin to also creating their very own unique house mix, the award-winning Jamaica Blue Signature™ Blend, sourced from five different regions around the globe (South & Central America, India, Pacific Rim, and Africa).

Not resting on its coffee coup, Jamaica Blue wanted a “full” café experience and started to carefully craft freshly sourced produce and created delicious menus for all day dining. Every dish served at a Jamaica Blue café is created using simple, fresh, quality ingredients – allowing the natural taste and goodness of the ingredients to shine though; and the menu was conceived to make the most of locally sourced, seasonal produce which is adapted to local taste.

The exceptional coffee variety and fresh fusion menu gathered instant fans. Much to the delight of local coffee connoisseurs, the unique coffee beans reached our Malaysian shores in 2014 with the first Jamaica Blue Coffee cafe was launched at Mid  Valley Megamall. In recent years, Jamaica Blue Coffee has opened stores in five other various locations in the Klang Valley and four more stores in other states in Malaysia by end of this year.

"The coffee and café culture in Malaysia has caught on like wild fire in recent years and Jamaica Blue is proud to be one of the leading brands by providing our high quality signature and prize-winning products which are attracting loyal following in Malaysia" said Teo Teo Tien Su, the Chief Operating Officer of Jamaica Blue Malaysia.

He explained that the concept is built on the foundation of ‘fine coffees and fabulous food’, delivering a truly unique contemporary café experience with exclusive premium beans and freshly prepared food in-house which are drawing the sophisticated coffee aficionados in Malaysia.

“The winning Jamaica Blue Coffee formula for success is really based on a simple philosophy of great coffee and food, together with our passionate crew of chefs, baristas and service team are the Jamaica Blue recipe for continued success,” he said. 

From Jamaica’s Blue humble beginnings twenty-odd years ago, they have now have a growing international network of more than 170 cafés in 7 countries around the world and the interest on their unique and exclusive brand keeps on brewing as well. 

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