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26 Nov 2018

More parents are attracted to the all-inclusive and all-rounded Australian educational approach and philosophy provided by Peninsula International School in Setia Alam. 
The community in Setia Alam and the Klang Valley are enticed by the appeal of the Australian-based educational experience premise of a holistic, relevant, engaging and internationally-minded Australian academic environment.

The Victorian Quality Assurance
Peninsula International School Australia is an offshore campus of Peninsula Grammar, which is renowned to uphold excellent results in Australia. It is the only school licensed to teach the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) in Malaysia, and to have a direct partner school (Peninsula Grammar in Mornington, Australia). 

This strategic alliance allows them to share resources, ideas, staff and the exceptional pastoral care and Positive Psychology programmes that are successfully used at Peninsula Grammar. Expat teachers account for 74% of the highly trained staff from Australia, the United Kingdom and other countries who have direct knowledge and delivery of the Victorian Curriculum.

Holistic and Student-centred Approach
Founding Principal, Clive Rogers believes that the main drawcard for parents for placing them in the Peninsula International was on the school’s emphasis on the “whole child” educational approach. The quality and breath of the long established VEC education are well documented and received by both local and multi-cultural parents in Australia.
Modern Millennial Methodology 
Peninsula’s spanking brand new school has all the modern facilities and amenities to meet the needs of students’ comprehensive educational journey including sporting and science facilities as well as an IT learning resource centre. They are considering to be a registered Apple School, and constantly use educational software to enhance the learning experience. “The Peninsula students will be equipped academically, mentally and socially to face real world challenges as they are taught to be confident in themselves, creative, independent learners, self-directed, ethically centred and emotionally intelligent,” said Rogers.

Clear University Pathway
The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is accepted worldwide and in top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge in the United Kingdom. (VCE) Schools are benchmarked clear curriculum and pathway to tertiary education. For Enterprise, a part of the Victorian Curriculum, Year 9 and 10 students were given basic barista training by Jamaica Blue Coffee staff. Students then operated their own “Café” and used this as a real-life example to write a Business and Economics report.
Global Citizens of the Future
Rogers empathised that the biggest advantage as a new school is the ethnic diversity of its students. So far, they have students from 15 different countries who are making life-long friendships and networks. Hence there are many collaborative learning opportunities for students to develop their leadership, communication and teamwork skills as well as to enjoy all aspects of school life and look at school as a journey towards achieving academic and personal character development growth.
The Peninsula school has certainly stirred up the game in the international school playing field in Malaysia as the students are able to access the superior advantages of the Australian educational system at a very affordable pricing bracket compared to others. As the original Peninsula Grammar in Mornington, Australia school already has an established reputation, no doubt this off-shore school will surely find similar success and climb to greater heights with its extra edge as an internationally-minded school as well.

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