Brain Gym and more at Children’s Home


19 Nov 2018

The 27th of October was definitely not a quiet Saturday at the Home. In fact, most of the day was filled with enriching experiences and raucous joy for the children, thanks to Apex Club of Petaling Jaya. This is one of many activities which provide the children opportunities for social interaction, for building self-confidence and for learning new things.

The Club entourage included a team of Junior Apexians led by President Jesse Mah, their Exco Apexian Randy Chong and Apexian David Pan. They brought Brain Gym practitioner, Ms Annabelle, who conducted Brain Gym exercise games for all the children and Junior Apexians at the porch.  It was so much fun that even the adults joined in, Ms Diana Ooi included.

After all that physical and mental exertion, the children learned how to make gyoza while the Junior Apexians cooked Japanese curry and fried chicken for lunch. That's not all; the Apexians even brought along some extra help to clean up the Home.  

Apex Club is a service organisation with many autonomous APEX associations all over the world and throughout Malaysia. The basic philosophy of the organisation is Service, Fellowship and Citizenship, providing its members the platform to render altruistic service and building better communities, among other objectives.


Brain Gym time!

Junior Apexians in the kitchen

Lunchtime – rice with Japanese curry, fried chicken, gyoza and other goodies

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