Presenting … Pursuit – the new print on the block


05 Nov 2018

Good news for Focus Malaysia subscribers! They will be getting a new magazine, Pursuit, to get the latest low-downs on the who’s whos and on high-street living. The first copy of Pursuit made its preview in end October this year.

Pursuit is free for now in digital formats, distributed with Focus Malaysia on the last weekend of every month whereas the print version is sold together with the hard copy of the weekly. 

Readers can look forward to in-depth profiles on rising entrepreneurs to the latest fashion trends and the names that should be known in the social world. There will also be stories on timepieces, travel, food and automobiles – subjects that are relevant to today’s contemporary audience.

Its digital version promises more than just a monthly lifestyle publication. Focus Malaysia also maintains a strong digital presence by providing regular updates, hot topics and interactive features to cater to an increasingly digital-oriented audience. 

Cover of the first issue

Sample pages from the magazine

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