Cultural Day at our international school


24 Sep 2018

One of the key strengths of Peninsula International School Australia is exposure to a variety of cultures at the school; thus, helping the students to become global citizens. The Cultural Day recently held at the school is one such experience that contributes to this.

All the students from Foundation to Year 10 were involved in the production of this event. Cultural Day started with musical performances of a mix of cultures – traditional Malay, contemporary Western and Australian aboriginal. The last section of Cultural Day involved an art exhibition where visitors’ children were given the chance to do some hands-on aboriginal art themselves.

Cultural Day was a combination of Music and Art themes based on Aboriginal Art, being part of the curriculum. The performances formed part of the assessment of some of the students while it gave the rest the opportunity to work together across ages. Working across ages and classes is an example of putting collaboration skills to use – an important element of the Victorian Curriculum run at the school.

The first show in the musical performance was a song by the adorable students in Foundation (6-year-olds) to Year 4 (10-year-olds) followed by a Gamelan performance from Year 7 students. Then, Year 8 students performed with the didgeridoo, a traditional musical instrument of the Australian Aboriginal people. This was followed by Years 5 and 7 students singing to modern music played by Years 9 and 10 students. The last set of the show involved Years 6 and 8 students singing to a contemporary piece played by another set of Years 9 and 10 students. 

Foundation to Year 4 students sang a lively song.

The students’ artwork were displayed for parents and visitors to admire.

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