Jamaica Blue ups its game


10 Sep 2018

As a café, JB Fine Coffee’s champion is naturally coffee. As such, our subsidiary in the food division is upping its game by bringing in new flavours whilst promoting healthy eating to its discerning clientelle.

The latest addition to its coffee repertoire is the limited-edition, exotic Single Origin coffee bean all the way from El Salvador, in Central America. These are definitely not your everyday coffee beans as they are sourced from small, family-run farms where the beans are hand-picked. 

Due to El Salvador’s mineral-rich volcanic soil, high altitude and cool weather, it produces high quality coffee. Coffee connoisseurs describe it as a full-bodied, toasty cocoa flavour that lingers to a delicious almond finish. 

Jamaica Blue is all about healthy eating. As such, three of its outlets started a number-crunching promotion to encourage Malaysians to eat a healthier breakfast. The breakfast promotion called JB Special Breakfast Set Menu offer selected meals at only RM10 onwards. On top of that, diners get a free Jamaica Blue Signature Blend Long Black Coffee (small) with the set menu. 

The new limited edition coffee bean: full-bodied, distinct cocoa flavour with an almond finish

Source of the new Single Origin Coffee Bean – El Salvador

Only available at JB The Robertson and JB Melawati Mall

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