Durian treat for staff


27 Aug 2018


The HCK Group recently hosted a durian party for its staff . The treat was served the good old Malaysian authentic style – in the outdoors, under a tree.

Humble banquet tables and plastic chairs were lined up against the fence at Wisma HCK in Section 19, PJ. The vendor sliced open the durians in-situ, at the parking lot of Wisma HCK while eager durian-lovers waited patiently to be served.

With staff from all over the Klang Valley converging, it was a good time to catch up and enhance camaraderie. For sure, everyone had a good time feasting on the King of Fruits!

Durians served a’la Malaysian style – outdoors, under a tree

A few non-durian lovers also turned up to enjoy the camaraderie

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