Meaningful activities at Children’s Home


23 Jul 2018


The Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care doesn’t only provide a safe place for underprivileged children. It tries to create a conducive environment for academic improvement and holistic growth. Among the recent activities that demonstrate this are the soap-making workshop and practicum on entrepreneurship.

The Home’s regular volunteer, Ms Chetna, was most kind to sponsor the materials for a soap-making workshop which she conducted herself at the Home on 18 June. The activity was made more meaningful as the children had to write a process and procedures essay as a follow up to practice using English and Bahasa Malaysia. Soap-making has, for some who attended her paid workshops, become a business venture after attending a few workshops.

Several children at the home received a beginner’s practicum on entrepreneurship from Ivan, one of the founding partners of Havan Clothing. The children got the works of all the basics – brainstorming, business concept, target market, price setting, identifying profit margins, coming up with an action plan, market survey, choosing a marketing strategy, right up to execution.

The children’s little business was put to the test when they set up a stall in Taman Titiwangsa to sell lemonade. On top of that, this young couple acknowledges the artwork done by the children here by promoting them on their clothing line. Part of the profits generated from the sale of their products go back to funding the EQ lessons.

Soap-making in progress

One of the T-shirts bearing a drawing by one of the children  

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