FM’s app gains traction


02 Jul 2018


Focus Malaysia has launched its very own digital newspaper in keeping with the latest media trend and to ensure the best reader experience. This followed after an acquisition of the latest digital publishing system to provide enhanced features in the new Focus Malaysia.

After being a printed paper for 5 years, the shift from print-based publication to the new digital-driven system took only three weeks. This digital transformation was inevitable in order for the business to stay competitive in a progressively more digital world.

In early May this year, its first digital paper was published via an app available for download on Google Play and App Store. Those who had already subscribed to the print paper were given a one-year extension to their subscription. App users who are not already subscribers are able to access the paper free-of-charge for a whole month. In only a month since its publication, the app has recorded significant downloads.

The app features auto-expand of selected articles. There is no more need to pinch-and-expand to zoom in on the text. The app also enables multi-display photos, insertion of video clips and quick-links to websites.

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