PR for Startups


18 Jun 2018


Mr Prathab V, Executive Editor of Focus Malaysia, was one of three trainers at the “PR for Startup” workshop organised by Komune Work Space. He proved to be the most engaging as he kept cracking the participants up throughout his session.

The workshop taught participants how to deal with media, which can be intimidating at times without the right know-how. The speakers also shared their learnings and insights on all things media to help participants gain a clear understanding of public relations.

Prathab’s topic was "Things You Didn't Know About The Media". The other two speakers were Manminder Kaur, CEO from Supernewsroom who touched on "Get Your Story Out" and Darian Goh, Senior Strategy Planner from RevAsia who shared about "3 Things We Have Learned Over 5 Years Of Content Marketing".

The workshop was held at Komune Event Lounge, starting at 10.30 am and ending at 12.30 pm. The fee was kept at an incredibly low RM15 to provide the opportunity for freelancers, startup founders, travel writers and those from other backgrounds to learn from this workshop.

Prathab giving his talk

Q&A session at the end of the workshop

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