HCK Media Group's new ED


13 Jan 2014


HCK Capital Group has appointed Mr. Alan Ow as its Executive Director (Media and Technology) recently. Mr. Ow takes on the business leadership position of the HCK Media, and is responsible for the business performance of the media division. He works closely with the editorial team of the media division to deliver business goals as set forth by the Management. He is also tasked with managing and leading the technology division of HCK Capital Group which provides technology services to all divisions of the Group, and as well as developing software and applications for the market.

Mr. Ow has over 18 years of experience in the digital technology, media and entertainment industries having stints at senior management levels at two major public-listed players in Malaysia. His expertise has also been tapped by various internet start-ups as well as multinational companies (MNC) as consultants.

Throughout his professional career Mr. Ow has worked closely with many digital businesses, media companies,advertising agencies, PR firms and MNCs, in areas ranging from strategy, planning to brand consulting. With significant experience in the digital technology, marketing, sales, publishing and events business in Asia, Mr. Ow’s inputs is expected to spearhead HCK Capital Group’s media and technology businesses to attain desired business goals .

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