Foundation Home gets new wheels


09 Jan 2018


The Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care recently received a new 14-seater van, which allows the kids to travel more safely and comfortably. For years, the Home had to make do with an old van that was without air conditioning, prone to breakdown and was leaking.

Concerned with the poor condition of the vehicle, supporters of the Home decided to pass the hat around for a new van. Ms Shirley Wong got the ball rolling with an initial donation of RM7,000. Subsequently, others like Mr Kenneth Fernandez, The Hiichiikok Breakfast Run Group and MBA Agency (Authorize Agency of Allianz Life Malaysia Bhd) chipped in. In no time, RM40,000 was raised.

With the money and after trading in the old vehicle, the Home now had enough funds for the downpayment for a Chinese-make PLACER bearing the registration number VAX 4154. The 14-seater may not completely fit all 18 children and 4 staff, but it’s good enough for the time being.

The Home uses the vehicle when the children need to travel in a group, such as during field trips. Outdoor activities are quite common in the Home, which believes in providing children under its care with a holistic growth.

The Home wishes to thank all donors and well-wishers who have allowed the kids to travel more comfortably now.


The new vehicle allows kids to travel more comfortably now

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