Children turn to farming for a day


24 Apr 2017


The children from the Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care had a chance to put their green thumbs to work during a visit to the Sing Sing Agriculture Farm in Rawang recently.

At the farm, the children, who were there at the invitation of Persatuan Budidaya Penyayang dan Kesyukuran Malaysia, relished the fresh, clean air and acres of greenery.

At the farm, they were welcomed by Uncle Ah Boon, who wasted no time in taking the children and caregivers to the commercial vegetable farm and explaining how the greens were grown. Rows of red spinach, choy sum, pak choy, etc. dotted the fields, which also had ample banana trees fringing its borders, along with other fruit trees.

But the highlight of the tour was the chance to play farmer for the day and harvest the vegetables.

“Harvest as much as you can and they are for you to take Home,” said Uncle Ah Boon and with this, the children spared no time and happily pulled the vegetables from the bed.

They were then taught to wash the veggies before packing them.

After harvesting the vegetables, the tired children had a chance to rest while tucking into tea, which featured a big spread of food ranging from freshly plucked vegetables to “kampung chicken”, noodles, cakes and of course, fruits from the farm.

After the sumptuous tea, the children were marched off to the jackfruit plantation followed by the animal farm where they were shown how goats were bred.

The trip ended with a barbeque dinner and the adventure of having to drive through a dark, muddy path before getting back to the Home.

According to the Foundation Manager Diana Ooi, the trip was a learning experience for the children, who now understand that harvesting vegetables is not easy. Thus, food should not be wasted.       

Diana also thanked Datuk Teh Ah Mee from Persatuan Budidaya Penyayang dan Kesyukuran Malaysia, Uncle Ah Boon and his team for helping to make the outing for the children a memorable one.

The Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care, which recently turned three, provides shelter to children from the ages of six to 17. It is located off Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, and equipped with good amenities, including a kitchen, a mini playground and learning material donated by the public.

The Foundation Home children and caregivers arrive at the Sing Sing Agriculture Farm in Rawang.

The children get down to the tiring task of harvesting the vegetables.

A bountiful harvest of red spinach for the Home.

Tea time for the tired children.

Dinner was a mouthwatering array of roasted meats such as satay at the barbeque.

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