Children’s home turns 3!


03 Apr 2017


 The Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care recently hit a new milestone when it celebrated its 3rd year of operations.

The home, which started operations on March 10, 2014, provides shelter to children from the ages of six to 17. It is located off Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, and equipped with good amenities, including a kitchen, a mini playground and learning material donated by the public.

The Home is staffed by a team of experienced care-givers, who are assisted by the occasional volunteers.

According to foundation manager Diana Ooi, it has been a challenging three years. Though they did stumble and fall along the journey, “we managed to pick ourselves up and learn new knowledge and skills which make us stronger”, she said.

“We are thankful to have our staff who stood by us during this journey. Unlike working in a corporate environment, the staff of the Home have to sacrifice their weekends and public holidays as these are the busiest times for us. They also had to work long hours. But their passion and love for the children is obvious,” she added.

Diana said the children’s home is grateful to have supporters and charity partners who have helped them meet each and every challenge. Not only are they the Home’s pillars of support, “they are also there to support our objective of providing learning opportunities to the children”.

“My Shining Star Foundation has been providing our children year-long living skills training for the past two years and has continued with the programme this year.

“Pusat Kreatif Tuanku Bainun, meanwhile, has and still is sponsoring our children with skills training like Creative Art, Chef Training and Mask and Movement. All this training not only give the children the chance to learn new skills, but it also builds their confidence,” said Diana. 

She also thanked The Mentors – a group of young men and ladies who are the “Big Brothers and Big Sisters” of the children – who have diligently come to the Home twice a month to provide study support.

The aim of the foundation chairman, Tan Sri Clement Hii, in setting up this home is not just to provide children in need food and shelter, but to give each child the opportunity to study and to further their education.

Besides ensuring the physical well-being of the children, special attention is also given to their emotional and social growth.

This includes providing the children with external counselling, yoga lessons and outings, among others – all made possible by kind volunteers.

Foundation manager Diana Ooi says the children’s home is run by a dedicated group of staff and volunteers.

The children at the Home are taken for various outings throughout the year, including trips to the zoo, to watch movies and even the Jungle Gym.

Last year, Altruistic Youth, in collaboration with Help University, conducted training for the Home caregivers.

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