An open house for CNY


13 Mar 2017


A festive occasion can be made more joyous and meaningful when it is shared with the people near and dear to you.

On Feb 9, the Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care held an open house to celebrate Chinese New Year with its charity partners, donors, volunteers, parents, staff and PTA members of SJK (C) Chiao Nan as well as two Buddhist monks from the Seremban Buddhist Vihara temple.

Before the event, the children were roped in to help with the cleaning and decorating of the home. The older girls were tasked to help in the kitchen, such as cutting vegetables.

About 70 guests attended the party, where they were treated to local delicacies and traditional Chinese New Year cookies. The food was prepared by the home with the help of volunteer Ah Cheng.

The children were dressed for the occasion, in red or traditional Chinese outfits, and happily received red packets from the guests.

The home’s children and guests pose for a picture.

Monks from the Seremban Buddhist Vihara temple were invited to celebrate with the children.

The children receiving their red packets from guests.

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