School holidays well spent


30 Jan 2017


The children of Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care put their free time to good use during the school holidays in December last year.

School holidays are a time for students to discover new things outside of school, have some fun and if possible, make a difference to society. The children of Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care certainly put their free time to good use during the recent school holidays.

First, having been on the receiving end of the public’s generosity, the kids were taught to give back to society. With this in mind, the Home organised a gotong-royong to spruce up SJK (C) Chiao Nan.

Armed with buckets of paint and brushes, they spent two days giving a fresh coat of paint to the more dilapidated and worn-out parts of the school, like the fencing perimeter and the covered spectators seating area next to the school field. It was all hard work, but the end result was gratifying for the children.

SJK (C) Chiao Nan has had a long relations with the home. As many of the children from the Home study there, the Home keeps in touch with the teachers from the school regularly. In fact, a senior assistant in the school volunteers at the Home by giving free tuition classes to the kids twice a week. The school’s headmaster and several teachers also paid a visit to the Home recently.

Next, the children of the Home learnt how to make glutinous rice balls to celebrate the Winter Solstice Festival. Under the guidance of the Home manager, Diana Ooi, the kids were taught the history behind the celebration and how to make tang yuan. The children enjoyed the hands-on activity that is a tradition that dates back centuries ago in Chinese culture. The tang yuan also tasted all the more delicious since the children had a hand in making the dessert.

Lastly, the children crafted a handmade Christmas card to thank well-wishers and supporters of the Home. 

The children painting the spectators’ seating area at the school.

The children posing for a photo with Ooi and other volunteers

Ooi instructing the children on how to make glutinous rice balls

The handmade Christmas card the kids drew themselves for Ooi and other supporters of the home

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