Let’s go to the zoo


14 Nov 2016


A trip to the zoo will excite any child, what more the children of Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care. Less than an hour after the news broke, the kids were diligently completing their homework and lining up outside the home manager’s office to have their homework inspected. 

The zoo outing in September was made possible thanks to the efforts of several sponsors and their relatives and friends. They organised the purchase of zoo entrance tickets and tram tickets as well as gathered volunteers for the trip. 

On the day of the outing, the children’s eagerness to start their adventure was clear to see. After the quick photo session at the Zoo Negara entrance, they took a tram ride to the Mammal Sanctuary. The children were used to seeing dogs, cats and cows in Sentul, but the sights of tigers, lions, giraffes, orang utan and porcupines were new to them. 

Next, the kids headed to the theatre and had a marvellous time being entertained by the impressive performances by the zoo’s parrots, cockatoos and sea lions. When it was time to have lunch, the children were more excited by the other animals they would be visiting than what was on their plates. They peppered the home’s manager Diana Ooi with question after question. 

After lunch, the children were taken to see the giant pandas, Xing Xing and Liang Liang. 

Even though they wanted another walk around the zoo to see the animals again, a few of the older children suggested that they call it a day when they noticed Ooi and the other volunteers looked a little worn out. It was a simple remark but one that showed the maturity of the older children and their sense of consideration towards the needs of others.

The excited children posing for a photo.

Reading the do’s and don’ts and guidelines before entering the zoo.

Taking a picture during the tram ride.

No monkey business! Everyone must be on their best behaviour – even the monkeys.

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