Learning to be better care providers


26 Sep 2016


Caregivers in a children’s home are faced with many challenges, not the least of which is dealing with children from different backgrounds and emotional needs, and getting them to learn to trust again and grow as a person.

But the most important principle, as practised by the Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care, is that the children, when they step out of the home, should be better than when they came in.

During their orientation, staff of the Home, be they volunteers or full time staff, are made to understand that no matter where these children come from, they should be treated like their own children; to love and care for them as their own flesh and blood.

“We have to admit that we have our limitations but we are not to succumb to them but strive for any opportunity to help us better carry out our work,” says Diana Ooi, the foundation manager.

That opportunity came when the Altruistic Youth offered to conduct training for the Home caregivers in order to help them be better care providers.

The Altruistic Youth was started in 2012 and offers young people a chance to get together to create opportunities and awareness for the youths to promote a more altruistic society and foster compassion towards humanity. 

The group, in collaboration with Help University, recently organised a training session at The OAK.

Two experts from the university – Dr Caroline Gomez and Alex Lui – were on hand to share their experiences with the caregivers. Dr Gomez taught the participants how to identify and handle children with various learning limitations, while Lui shared his years of experience handling children of various personalities residing in children’s homes.

The training was also open to volunteers and staff of other NGOs who share the same vision of being better care providers to children.

According to Ooi, the half day training session was indeed very helpful. 

“The training helped open our eyes to signs where the children may need special attention to heal their pain or lessen the emotional baggage that they have carried with them,” she says, adding that the Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care looks forward to more opportunities where the staff could be equipped with better tools to work with the children in a more effective manner.

She also thanks Altruistic Youth and Marlena Mohamad for organising the programme, Dr Gomez, Lui and Help University for the sharing of their knowledge, and HCK Properties for the use of their training room.

Group shot of the participants of the training session. Seated second from right is Foundation manager Diana Ooi. On her right is Dr Caroline Gomez of Help University.

Help University’s Alex Lui shares his experiences with the participants of the training session.

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